Cody James Gillespie

Cody James Gillespie Oct.2 1992-Nov 5. 2016

Cody was an amazing kind 24 year old young man. He was known to travel the city on his skateboard and to have given the best hugs in town. He could make friends where ever he went and everyone felt like they were his best friend. He had a way about him of just making anyone and everyone feel comfortable. He did not discriminate, he loved people, all people. He was unable to contain his compassion for anyone in need, he would do anything he could to help anyone with a problem from his family and friends to complete strangers on the streets. Anyone who had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of his kindness could attest to this. On November 4th Cody left his home after spending the evening with family, he was in a good mood, talking about his plans for the weekend told his mom he wouldn’t be late cause he had to work the next day at the “Beer Store” which he loved. He did returned home that night however no one would see him alive again. In the early morning hours on November 5th this amazing young man took his own life. Over 1500 people from all walks of life attended his funeral each one of them with a story how this young man touch their life in such a profound way by just being him, showing kindness, compassion and never judging.

There was no indication that Cody was clinically depressed, he was not showing signs of depression or any other underlying mental illness at the time of his death. He was a young man who had suffered several concussions throughout his life, was dealing with the ups and downs of life as a young man, had suffered a significant loss when his 12 cousin tragically passed away 3 months earlier and had been drinking the night he died. His death has been described to us as the “Perfect Storm”.

Roger is Cody’s dad’s lifelong friends and has always been one of the Gillespie family’s biggest supports through the good and worst times of life. Cody loved the Jongerden family and held the utmost respect for Roger. Cody was a huge racing fan and would be so extremely proud to have his name of this car. He would want this life saving message shared.

The logo on Rogers’s car was designed by us (Cody’s parents) and Cody’s best friend Aaron Hopman. The semicolon is to bring awareness to mental health/suicide. His name is to honor him. The Heart beat is to symbolize that his heart will beat on through all of us who loved him so dearly and the heart is incomplete because apiece of our hearts will forever be missing. The logo as a whole is a continuation of Cody’s story and life, it does not end with his death his legacy will live on forever through our love for him.

This logo is a special gift to our family. The love shown for our son and the support for our family is what has given us the strength to live through this tragedy. It takes a village to raise a child and that same village has come together to help us through the unimaginable.