Stag & Doe

Are you in charge or part of a Wedding coming soon?  Need shirts for your Stag and Doe? is the industry leader in getting shirts for your Stag and Doe Event!

7 Reasons why Custom T-Shirts are must have for your Stag and Doe Event?

  • Not everybody knows each other at a stag and doe.  Custom T-Shirts will allow guests to quickly identify the important members of the wedding party.
  • Shirts can be customized with names & role in wedding party
  • It solves the issue of what to wear at the Stag and Doe.
  • The shirts can be printed with a specific theme and colour.
  • A low cost gift to the wedding party members
  • Reduces mishaps at the strip joint.  Strippers will immediately know who is the bride / groom. is located in Hamilton Ontario, Canada and about 45 minutes from Toronto. For our clients out of town, we can manage your order electronically &  ship your stag and doe t-shirts anywhere in Canada.

No artwork, No problem!... We are able to usually take your idea and bring it to life on your shirts.  We have a large number of previously created designs to utilize.

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